agdragonfulday asked:

What are your top 5 favorite power ranger seasons?

1) MMPR - The season I still love to watch the most.  The rangers, villains and story were just fun.  Was it perfect?  Nah but I love it

2) Inspace - This was a season where so much just came together perfectly.  The team was dynamic,  the villains were interesting and the story moved along at a great pace

3) Timeforce -  It really dealt with the characters and depth, not just the rangers but the villains as well.  

4) Ninja Storm - I know people either love it or hate and I loved it.  The team was adorable and the dialogue was wonderful

5) Lost Galaxy - Strong Villain Factor and a great team of rangers.  I loved Karone as Kendrix’s choice to replace her. 


"You’re the man who does everything I ask for."

I think that’s the problem, love! You only thought about yourself and what you wanted to do, postponing all of his proposals, and don’t really seem to actually do anything for him. Mi Young is the opposite - she gives. Maybe that’s what he needs?

This!  I felt for Se Ra, she was blindsided by this whole situation but I feel like a big part of the reason she wants to marry him now is because she is lonely.  He seemed to hold her on a pedestal and she took advantage of it and plays their relationship on her term and timeline.  I can’t see how they could have lasted as a married couple.  

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