So Saban doesn’t like Toqger?

I can understand not liking the suits or mecha but saying little kid’s don’t love trains?   That is flat our ridiculous to me,  my little cousins love trains.  You give them a train or a dinosaur and they’d pick the train.   It’s just feels like laziness on Saban’s part they don’t want to be creative.  Lightspeed Rescue had a train mecha and simple suits and they made it work. 


As I previously stated, Yoshi Sudarso - the new blue ranger for Dino Charge - is a huge tokusatsu fan.  Here he is having a huge fanboy moment with Mochizuki Yuta (red ranger from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger).

Please support Yoshi through his journey as Dino Charge Blue!  Even if you don’t like Power Rangers, support your fellow Toku Otaku!

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